Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dave's mom is her ward's Activity Committee Chairman and they had a "Country Fair" yesterday. People from church displayed different things they had made. And many brought yummy food from their gardens. The girls were in heaven. There was a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine and a snow cone machine. They fed us lunch and then we helped clean up. It was a fun morning for the girls. And they loved their pioneer dresses. I made Payton and Fallyn's dresses Friday (waited until the last minute of course!) and my mom made Mayce's for Payton when she was two.

My girls can be so weird about things. None of them wanted flavoring on their snow cones. They just wanted "snow" flavor. Luckily Dave was manning the snow cones so they ate as much snow as they wanted. About half way through Dave let them take over. They didn't pour the syrup but they can make a mean snow cone now!

Yummy cotton candy! I'm not afraid to say that I ate two of these yesterday! Mayce didn't want hers and I couldn't let it go to waste. The calories were totally worth it!

And what do you do with all the extra ice from the snow cones? Shave it down and have a snow ball fight. The kids (and adults) had fun throwing snow balls at each other.

Payton and Fallyn finished up a session of swimming lessons last week. Thanks to Cami for nudging us into it. They had so much fun so we're going to do another 2 weeks. Mayce and I are taking a class too, it should be fun. It will definitely help to pass the next two weeks before school starts.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Saturday Swim
The scene of the "incident":
The victim:The casualty:

On Saturday the girls and I were feeding my in-laws koi and Mayce went in with the food. I don't understand how she lost her balance but in she went! I was standing right next to her so I got to her quickly but it was scary none the less. She went under and made no attempt to do anything! She just floated there face down. When I pulled her out she didn't gag or cough, nothing! Completely unfazed! We showered off and she was on her way. We had a long talk about how she should have been scared but I don't know how much sunk in. However, I am mourning the loss of my favorite flip flops! And Mayce is not allowed outside without supervision.

Congratulations Tommy & Kelsey
My sister Kelsey had her first child at 12:32am MST on July 17th (the same birthday as her grandma!). Her name is Maya and she was 7 lbs. 12 oz and 21 inches long. What a petite little girl! Everything went smoothly and my sister called it easy. That's amazing for a first! Everyone is doing great. Here's some pictures:

(I have no idea why I can't turn this, sorry!)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sorry this is back dated, but I did want to publicly tell you I love you and what a great mom you are! You're the best!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

So we had our first "official" play on Friday. The girls did their own costumes, hair, and make-up. It was originally about a princess (Mayce) who needed to find a prince so the queen (Payton) with the help of the fairy god-mother (Fallyn) had a ball to find a prince. Well, after so much preparation, and Mayce not having had a nap that day, the princess was not in the mood to act. So the play was re-worked for the queen to find a king. The following pictures are the cast photos, enjoy:
Payton Corbridge as The Queen

Fallyn Corbridge as The Fairy God-Mother
(those are some sad wings, looks like it's time to replace them)

Mayce Corbridge as The Princess
(doing her scary face - why? I don't know!)

And this is me, the audience. Apparently just the fact that I was there wasn't enough. Payton said I had to dress up too, and this is what she gave me. Nice!
I love so much that my girls do this now. I tortured my siblings, neighborhood kids, and all the parents for years putting on recitals. It is such a rite of passage and it's fun that they are at this age. It keeps getting better and better! I love them so much!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of JULY

We had a wonderful relaxing holiday weekend. Dave had Friday off so he and the big girls went boating with his brother, sisters, and their husbands. This has been such a hectic summer so far that this was the first time the boat's been out this year. The girls loved it and everyone who could swim and wasn't pregnant was able to wakeboard. They went to the river so I wasn't too crushed to stay home with Mayce. We ran some errands and met up with everyone back at Dave's parents. That night we set off $20 worth of fireworks, which let me tell you - that does not buy you much, and the kids were disappointed in the smallness of them. Saturday we headed back to Dave's parents where we went swimming and ate food. At nightfall we went down to Cal Expo to watch on the sidewalk. (Some day we'll pay to go in.) The big girls loved seeing all the fireworks but Mayce kept her head down and said they scare her. She's just looking for attention! We finished to weekend going to church with Dave's family and eating some more. It was a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Most Current Drama
So, about 3 weeks ago I was brushing Payton's teeth and noticed a new tooth had broke through and was coming in right behind her baby teeth. It's neighbor was not far behind. So naturally I started freaking out. I called the dentist who said this happens all the time. To who? This is the first case of human shark teeth that I have come into contact with. They told me since she wasn't in any pain we could come in the next week. Her baby teeth were not even close to being loose and so at that appointment we scheduled another appointment to have them taken out. I had given her the pre-med just in case they did it that day so she was ready. She was not happy to have to wait 3 more weeks to get the cold hard cash for the teeth. Monday was finally the day of the procedure. She did so well, her dentist uses nitrous and has a moving playing on the ceiling so Payton didn't have a care in the world. She's been on soft foods, which is so much fun because she's a picky eater anyway but bananas and pancakes it is!

Here is the moment she had been waiting for. She received $1 per tooth and a note from the tooth fairy telling her, "Congratulations Payton! You were so brave at the dentist. Love, The Tooth Fairy." The fact that the tooth fairy knew her name blew her away. Payton wanted to know how the tooth fairy knew she had been to the dentist. I told her that the tooth fairy knows all when it comes to the happenings of the dental world. That satisfied her and since she can read now will expand no further about the tooth fairy.
Miss Mayce had a fun birthday party Saturday night. It was at The Little Gym and she had so much fun! The woman who does my hair (Her name is Kathy Holden and she just purchased a salon called Seven on Washington Blvd. in Roseville, she's amazing!) gave us a bunch of leotards that her daughters used to wear. Most are Payton and Fallyn's sizes but there was one small enough for Mayce. She loved it! I think looking good totally added to her ability to do somersaults. She had a blast!

Here she is doing one of the tasks the organizers had them do. She did a fun little pose at the end each time. I think she realized she was only one of two girls there at the party and just wanted to put forth that little extra effort! And please ignore my lame mom whoo-hoo!

Speaking of Mayce . . .

Look who has hair long enough for full pig tails! Yea! My hair options for her have just been added a new dimension. She loved them, she's been touching them all day.