Friday, June 20, 2008

We were fortunate enough to have spent a couple of weeks in Ocean Isle Beach, NC. The girls and I were there for almost 2 weeks. Dave joined us the second week. Here are the girls in a tide pool that Grandpa Corbridge helped maintain for them. They loved the shallow warm water.

Payton is her father's daughter when it came to spending time on the beach. She could stay out there all day if we let her. Fallyn takes after me. It's fun for a while but, we need some indoor time too.

It's tough to maintain napping while at the beach so Mayce took it whenever she could get it. We enjoyed walks on the beach because Mayce would sleep. She's so cute!

Payton's squaring off with a wild crab here. I'm surprised she got this close to it. She's not very outgoing with anything unless it domesticated.

When the sun goes down the games came out. The girl's enjoyed being involved in anything to prevent their bedtime. Of course a card game could not be interrupted for such trivial matters.

We had a great trip and are spoiled for having had the opportunity. It is a great trip for EVERYONE! Fingers crossed that we'll have the opportunity again some day!