Friday, August 29, 2008

I love the State Fair! Or any carnival for that matter. I love the cool air of the night, all the lights from rides and games, and of course I love the food! I'm sad that riding the rides has fallen off of the list but I think I'm too old for them. I can do the Ferris Wheel, and apparently the Bumble Bee ride, but that's about all I'm good for. How sad! Maybe if I get back into shape I'll be able to some day ride the Zipper again. Is that ride even around anymore? Monday night we went to the Fair and had a blast! Thank goodness my kids still love seeing the animals more than the rides. Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma we got to do some rides though so we got the whole experience. We had a great time!
Dave looks so cute! I'm glad he suggested taking this picture! ;)

This was Mayce's expression the ENTIRE time. Someone has got to get this little girl a pony!
On the spinning dragons with Owen.
And here's Mayce and me flying the Bumble Bees. She enjoyed this too. She saw the bigger kids going on rides and really wanted to go on something. She surprises me everyday by how she wants to do what her older sisters do. She is a 5 year old stuck in a 1 1/2 year old's body.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy birthday Dave! Here are a few pictures from the out of control party we had for him Thursday night. We love you!

My baby's first day of school! I am proud to say that I "kept it together" I was definitely on the edge though. She has absolutely loved her first week of school. She was pretty timid at first, but not in a needy way. She was just a little quiet.
Here she is waiting in line.
And here's Fallyn in line with her. Fallyn has adjusted well without her. I can tell she misses her though because she's been a little crankier than usual.
This is Payton at her spot at her table. We stayed for about 10-15 minutes while her teacher read a book and we wrote a note to our kids. Ahh!
And here is Payton with her teacher Mrs. Williams. Payton has nothing but wonderful things to say about her. We'll get to know her better Wednesday night. Dave's mom is the only one who has really met her but I'm not going to mention why that is because I might cry. Ask Dave about it!

So I fell off the wagon for a few weeks, but I'm back. Here is some catch up! We are so lucky to pretty much all of our family in town these days. So Friday, August 1st we all went to the Rivercats game. I am not a big fan of baseball in general but I've really started to love going to the games. We sit on the grass and totally enjoy ourselves. On this particular night both of our families went together so we had a ton of people!

These are my parents with Mayce and Payton.

Here's Mayce looking so cute with her Rivercat Claw. My dad bought them for the Payton, Fallyn, and Owen at our first game. The girls had no idea what they are for but now they're a favorite play item.

More of our group here. Dave along with a brother, a sister, two brother-in-laws, and a sister-in-law.

Here's Dave's parents with his sister, my brother (above), and Fallyn.

And here are the 40 hot dogs it took to feed everyone. I don't know who paid but thank you!