Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Here are some highlights from our December 2010:

On December 2nd Drake turned 4 months. His stats were:
Weight - 19lbs. 1 oz. - 97%
Height - 26 1/2 inches - 90%
Head circumf. - 43 cent. - 65%
What's up!!

This is the Sunday before Christmas. I LOVE that my girls still like to wear matching dresses. We don't do it too often, (Payton just informed me she doesn't like it, who taught her to read?) but they look so cute! Now that Drake's here he'll coordinate. I should be getting good at vests and ties in the next couple of years. And no, I did not make the dresses, but I could have. (that last part was for Dave)

Here's Drake and Emmett. Family was over and these two were sacked out on the couch. They are only 9 weeks apart, I think Drake can take him.

Grandma Walker, Payton, Fallyn, and I headed up to Placer High to see Placer Theatre's Nutcracker. Fallyn's best friend was a Bon Bon this year and it was fun to see her and give her flowers. We also got to inspect a ballerina's tutu to see how it stayed up and level. Payton says: It was really fun!

And this is a random picture of Fallyn I found on my camera. I just had to share!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Nope, not Halloween!

So I made a mistake of words this morning (11/18) with Mayce. It was her Thanksgiving Feast at school and I asked her if she wanted to dress up for the occasion. I meant a nice dress or something. However, Mayce only heard the words "dress up" and the battle ensued. She really wanted to wear her Halloween costume but we settled on this. It could be a little pilgrimish. And as for Drake - Cami tried to warn me that boys are a little rougher with the #2's than girls and he has proven her correct. Every other day he ends up in a back up outfit. His Halloween costume was the back up in the diaper bag that day. So two of my four wonderful children ended the day in costumes. Just call me Wonder Mom!