Thursday, May 28, 2009

part II

Memorial Day Weekend
We went to Redding to spend the weekend with our wonderful friends who we miss so much! Saturday we went to Turtle Bay which I think is a state park with animals and nature stuff. (that description left much to be desired!) It's right there at their world famous Sundial Bridge. We BBQ'ed with friends on Sunday and the men took the kids swimming at the hotel while the ladies lunched Monday. It was a good weekend. Oh - except for the part where Mayce had her 2nd worst tantrum Friday night. The stress of it was compounded because we were in a hotel but seriously I almost drove home that first night because she was freaking out. Ahhhh!

There was a lego display and I thought it was only appropriate for Payton to take a picture with the heart! My little "heart baby".
Happy Birthday Fallyn!
My Fallyn turned 5 on May 21st. So we had another party and another Webkinz (thank goodness!) The three weeks between their birthdays was very long with Fallyn drooling over Payton's webkinz. Yea, issues resolved. More cake and more family. We love having everyone so close!

Zoo Field Trip
On Monday 5/18 Fallyn, Mayce, and I went to the Sacramento Zoo on a field trip with Fallyn's pre-school. We had lots of fun and were there early so we got to see the Lyons and tigers. The girls had a blast!

Happy Birthday Payton!
April 29th was Payton's 6th birthday. We had fun with friends and family. Her cousin Owen gave her a Webkinz. We are now hip and with it!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

part I

In mid-April we went to Disneyland with Dave's parents and his brother's family. Our girls loved spending so much time with their cousin and enjoyed their first visit to see Mickey. We could have spent several more days there but felt lucky to have the two we did! With SO many pictures here are a few highlights:

Dave and I had the chance to go to a Nascar Race in Dallas the weekend following my birthday. We had "hot" pit passes which allowed us to go pretty much go wherever we wanted. We were truly spoiled because we also had a golf cart to take us where we wanted to go and we watched the race on the top floor of a condo (which was nicer than our house.) It was a weekend full of racing. Our driver won the Nationwide Race so we were in the winner's circle and had our picture taken with Kyle Busch.