Thursday, February 05, 2009

My Girls!
Just some fun pictures for fun!

One of the best parts of being a mom is when your children play nicely together. I love that my girls get along and make my job so much easier. They are so sweet and loving I am truly spoiled!

Don't think I'm a horrible mom but this was my girl's first time to Fountains. They still don't know there's a kid's water area yet. (So let's keep that on the down low for now.) Thankfully they turn that off for the winter. They loved to watch the fountains. This may become a regular thing for us. Where's Mayce you ask? She is digging up the landscaping, nice!

We found these suckers at Cost Plus. They are hilarious. It was fun to see them wearing these around.

Payton's 100th day of school was last Friday and here's what we did. 100 feathers! That's right, they glued 100 feathers to this board after they did 25 hand prints. So these are turkeys. We didn't make it very easy on her class (or teacher) because we did them in groups of 4. I'm sorry I made you count to 100 by 4's Mrs. Williams! We had a great time making this, but it was the largest in her class. We have learned from this experience and next year Fallyn's will be smaller and not feathers. (We are still finding them around the house.)