Thursday, June 25, 2009

COOLING OFF! (and rambling)
This pool has been kicking around our garage forever so this week I filled it up for the girls. It's perfect for Mayce and great for the big girls too. Our backyard is shaded in the late afternoon so it's nice not to have to put the sunblock on. We can just walk outside and cool off. Mayce was actually in bed this time because she is sick, again! The Motrin is finally working though so she's in much better spirits today. Yesterday all she wanted to do was sleep on me. A 2 1/2 year old with a fever gives off a whole lot of body heat, let me tell you! I was wrinkled and sweaty! Because of this we were not able to make our field trip to Modesto. I had to do so much bribing to avoid a melt down with Payton and Fallyn. Dave's parents have purchased a business in Modesto so Dave's been down there all week. The first couple of days he had commuted but last night he stayed down there and we were going to join him for the night. So I think we're headed there this afternoon for just a quick trip. I love the innocence of children because going to Modesto is all they can talk about. I love them!

Payton's school does an end of year carnival that was a lot of fun. Tons of people were there but that was a good thing. Dave was out of town so it was a girl's night. And it was also before this current heat up so it was nice outside! We played games, went on a train ride, had Payton's face painted, and went on the inflatable toys. They could have stayed forever. Next year we'll have to go earlier and I'll need to take backup.


Payton played softball and had a lot of fun this year. We had a great fundamental coach and Payton was hitting the ball from a pitch (most of the time) by the end of the year. Her team was named the Bluebirds and the girls were so cute. I was even reunited with a friend from high school who's daughter was on the team too. She enjoyed it and wants to play again next year. She and Fallyn will be able to play on the same team next year. That will be nice!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

part III

Fallyn graduated from Pre-School on May 26th. She attended Play With Me Preschool and loved every second of it. She met such good friends and learned so much! We'll miss Miss Becky but it won't be long (one more year) until Mayce will be heading off to pre-school. Ahh!