Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We celebrated Mayce's 5th birthday this weekend. She was spoiled by her family and enjoyed having them there with her to celebrate.

Mayce and I often have a battle on her wardrobe. When Payton and Fallyn were her age they must have loved me more because they let me dress them in whatever I wanted. Most mornings Mayce and I are quick to compromise but Sundays are an exception. She always wants to wear a "puffy" dress. So for her birthday both of her grandma's took her shopping for dresses that fit her requirement. She actually has a physical test for the "puffiness" of the dress. She does a twirl and goes down to her kness. If the dress "puffs" up around her when she's down it's a winner. I believe my mom said she tried on about 8 dresses before deciding on the best. So here they are:

Another favorite gift this year is one of those balloon animals that float near the ground so it looks like they're walking. We avoid this booth at the mall but a birthday was a good excuse for her cousins to get her one.

Thank you to our family for celebrating this amazing young lady with us. She keeps my days entertaining and we love her so much!

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Raimi said...

Happy birthday! I love the dresses and that is funny that she has a test that her dresses have to pass:-)!