Wednesday, January 04, 2012

(We are just going to pretend is hasn't been almost a year!)

My first thought is, "We had a great Christmas this year!" and then I remember it could have been better. The reason it could have been better was because Drake had his first ear infection. It was the first ear infection EVER for our family. Of course the worst day was Christmas day. All he wanted to do was watch movies in the car. So that's where he and Dave spent the morning. Poor Drake just cried and wanted to be held. But Monday we had it diagnosed and with the help of modern medicine we are good. Well, good on the Drake front. On the 28th Mayce started complaining of ear pain. We saw a doctor Friday morning and she had a double ear infection! What is going on? Medicine - check! Worst medicine taker ever - check! You would not believe me if I told you how poorly Mayce takes her medicine. However, if you ask our neighbors I bet they can tell you. Why twice a day for 10 days? Seriously, if the medicine makers had Mayce as a daughter they'd rethink the whole dosage. It sounds like I'm trying to kill her EVERY time. But we still have several days to go so wish us luck. Really, other than the ear infections it was a great holiday. Here are some fun moments:

For Corbridge Christmas we spent almost an entire week in Monterey. It was great weather and we had a lot of fun. We went to the aquarium (need to go back), went hiking, went shopping, exchanged gifts, and played with cousins. We are very fortunate to be able to go away with family every year.

New bikes for Payton and Fallyn

Ice skating with Grandpa

Mayce decorating cookies at her school party.

And can you believe this little guy is capable of this:

This gives you the smallest picture of what he does. I need to lock every cabinet door and bedroom door and bathroom door and . . .

Having a boy is a completely different experience than girls. I wonder if having him last is pay back for something. The girls were the calm before the storm. But he is so fun and crazy. He is spoiled by his big sisters and everyone else.

So here's to hoping the blogging will continue!

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